Cannon Industries produces high quality cotton linens and towels and export their products world-wide.

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They came to us with the need to identify and tag their fabric rolls efficiently, since they had great opportunities to improve their logistic process of rolls tagging, thus reducing their production and manufacturing times.


After understanding the process and getting to know the tech they already had and how they were working on it, we designed and developed a mobile app running in their own hardware to efficiently improve how they manage their inventory and keep the manufacturing process information updated. The app allows them to tag, identify and locate their fabric rolls in real time, keeping the information updated and improving their production times. The app has been working since 2016 and we have continued working with them to update it to new changes and improvements within the company.


” When looking back to what we used to do and how our process was, we can’t be more thankful with the Elecsis team for all their amazing work. They were really smart and figured out a simple but efficient solution to improve our production and manufacturing times. They understood our core needs, studied the way we were working and developed in no time an app to be used in our own PDAs, helping us with our logistic process. Our experience has been excellent, they are fast-developers and everything is done within the budget with an outstanding quality and a great, fast and effective customer support. “

Luis Frieri, Productivity and Technology Director