Caribbean Health Group is a Health Tourism Cluster. It comprises 8 important and representative clinics and health institutions, offering top class medical treatments and procedures to international patients, while promoting their home city as a place with a great culture and wellbeing with multiple benefits for post-surgery recovery.

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The Caribbean Health Group needed a new logo and an effective platform to offer their services to international patients and to promote Barranquilla and its clinics and health institutions as a great destination for medical tourism. They needed a new sales and marketing digital channel both for the Cluster as a whole and for the clinics and health institutions individually.


After understanding their needs as a Cluster and as individual institutions, we designed a new logo for the Cluster and also designed and developed a complete and robust web platform allowing them to promote the Cluster and the city advantages, as well as each clinic’s services and medical offers. The platform offers every clinic its own individual site, e-commerce, management, CRM and reports modules; as well as a management, CRM and reports module for the Cluster integrating and sharing information. The platform was developed in a few months and was launched in a regional Cluster Congress as their new sales and marketing website, becoming a new standard for the health tourism industry. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the Ministry of Information Technologies of Colombia funded the project.