FleteYa is a logistics and transportation startup. They help cargo transporters and cargo enterprises to make everything faster and safer in the process of assigning, picking up, shipping and billing cargo.

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The team approached us with a very specific task: they needed a tech solution to improve the process of requesting cargo, assigning a driver and a vehicle, picking up, delivering and final payment. They wanted to make the process faster for the company, the driver and the client, as well as to make it safer by reducing unnecessary risks, paperwork and cash management. .  The startup also needed a logo, a corporate image and a website.


We organized a series of consultation and understanding sessions with the cargo enterprises, the drivers and the clients in order to gain as much knowledge of the processes as possible, and to identify the ways we could help to improve the entire workflow. After those sessions, we designed and developed a complete and robust mobile app for drivers, allowing them to accept cargo according to their current location or destination, upload and receive documents such as ID or cargo manifests, receive notifications and information about cargo or payment, and report the delivery to the final destination. The solution also integrates a web app for the officers and logistic companies, where they can upload the cargo offers, send and receive documents, notifications and information about cargo or payments. The app is available on Google Play Store and had more than 1.000 downloads in the first six months with 5 stars ratings. As we developed the app, our designers created a new logo and website for the startup, helping them to gain new clients and enhancing their corporate image.


” We have all fallen in love with an idea we think is the most valuable idea in the world, but when it comes to making that idea come true, we face many obstacles and FleteYa has not been the exception. However, if there’s something really important to move on and get better every day it is the team, and we chose the best. FleteYa is a mobile app and its design and development was trusted to Elecsis. I still remember the day we met the amazing people in this company, who became part of our team and have been there for us as more than just engineers and designers, but as true friends. Elecsis is a company far beyond a brand or an office; Elecsis puts heart and soul into the projects they develop. Our experience couldn’t have been any better, and although we haven’t reached even half of our way with FleteYa, we rest assured of having Elecsis working with us, because we know we have the best professionals to solve our problems and make us grow, and that’s a keeper for us. “

Alberto Carvajalino, Co-Founder.