M.R.P. is a pathology lab with more than 15 years of experience offering world-class tests and procedures to doctors and patients.

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They had been using pen and paper to process and archive their patients’ information, as many small health institutes and private practices do. However, they decided to upgrade their processes and bought software to help them, but in a short period of time the software was outdated and the developer was no longer offering support, so they were back to the beginning.  Also, they needed a complete rebranding, a new logo and website, because their corporate image was outdated.


After studying their processes and the features they would need, we developed our health management cloud based software Clapp, adjusted to their specific needs and fulfilling the legal requirements in Colombia. The software has several modules: patient’s registration, procedures, billing, reports and statistics, diagnostics, e-mailing, appointments, clinical history management, and more.  We migrated all the information they had in the previous software and uploaded it to Clapp so they had all their data in one platform. The lab has been using the software since 2014. .  In the meantime, our designers came up with a brand new and modern logo, and a simple new website, adjusted to their needs.


” We had a big problem with our previous software, and Elecsis was the best solution. In 2014 we began using their health management software Clapp and everything has been running smoothly ever since. Now we have improved and automated our processes, our patients enjoy a better and faster service and their information is completely safe. Their friendly interface makes everything easy for our staff, and their constant updates keep our lab working with the very best tech available. They have great people and we couldn’t love them more! “

Dr. Marco Rosillo – Founder & CEO