Story Louisville is a membership based co-working space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers, and Level Up is a tech enabled education company focused on connecting, educating and inspiring women through pop-up classes & subscription boxes.


The owner of both Story Louisville and Level Up came to us because she needed a complete platform solution to improve their everyday management, reporting, analytics and marketing tools. They are currently using a mix of different tools available in the consumer market and are already experiencing the headache and inefficiency of handling them all without a centralized location for all the information.


We started with a one-on-one consultation and exploration session with the teams on each company to gain as much knowledge of their culture, workflow, existing tools, and customers as possible, and to really understand their pain points as well as their unfulfilled needs.  From there we carefully designed and developed a complete cloud solution that will increase their workflow efficiency and visibility to analytics and costumer data as well as provide them with both web presence and mobile apps. Lastly, we’ve started to collaborate with them on a complete marketing strategy to help them achieve their goal to open in multiple cities within the US.

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” I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership for our web design and marketing strategy needs than Elecsis! The entire team has been nothing short of amazing, and have exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  Their process has been streamlined, they have really listened to our concerns and collaborated with us on all the solutions, as we implement the tools and solutions in our businesses we are already seeing improvements on our team’s efficiencies and time managements as well as customer satisfaction.  Their communication has been excellent and is on par with other web development companies we’ve worked with, I’d highly recommend them for all your marketing and web development needs! “

Natalia Bishop, CEO