Wikiprofe is an education startup aiming to help university students to give quality feedback to their professors and help future students to choose the best teacher for their classes.

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The team came to us with the need to improve the web platform they already had, and to make a deep rebranding. They wanted their platform to be complete, responsive and student-friendly; and they wanted their brand to look smart, kind and fresh. They also needed a new logo and a mascot to approach students and teachers in a more friendly way, and a complete marketing strategy to gain he first users of the platform and make popular their brand.


We studied the platform they already had as well as the process to rate a professor and the needs of the students. With all that information we began with the development stage of the new and improved web platform. In the meantime, we designed a new and cool logo and mascot, and a complete marketing strategy to reach students both online and offline. In a few months we had the platform up and running, allowing the students to have their own profiles and rank and give feedback to their professors, according to their city, their academic program, their current semester and the teachers associated to them. In less than 2 months, the platform was working in 2 countries with more than 30 universities and had more than 10.000 active students registered.


” Elecsis was a key ally to us. They helped us to enhance our web app, and we could grow and evolve from a web app only supporting one single university to a fully developed web app supporting 32 universities and 2 countries at the same time. We grew not only in infrastructure but also in design, branding and our team strength. Elecsis is a company that doesn’t only help you to build your platform, but they help you to give structure to your projects with solid foundations so you can take your business to the next level. “

Julio De Vivero, Co-Founder & CEO