Scalable, Organized and User-Centric Architecture and Prototypes to be the Backbone of your Tech Products

Robust Architecture and Prototypes to scale and grow.

When planning a software solution, architecture and prototyping are fundamental before even starting to code, so the tech solution can be reliable and scalable over time.

Archiecture & Prototype

What do you need?


Software Architecture

Software Architecture is the fundamental structure of any system, including the elements, features, and the way they relate with each other. As the backbone of any system, having a well-designed architecture is crucial for your success.



A Software Prototype is the best way to simulate features, requirements, use cases and relations among elements, to quickly identify improvement opportunities, flaws, or possible outcomes. Prototyping allows you to improve your process before coding it.

What can we do for you?


Tech Consultation

We’ll guide you through the tech world if you’re not a technical founder, and help you set up the best possible software architecture and select the tech that better fits your business.



We help you with software prototypes according to your needs. Get your proof of concept without spending a fortune, and validate your business ideas.


Marketing Consultation

Startups are all about people and markets. Our marketing experts can help you to define Buyer Personas, Customer Journeys and design a successful go-to-market strategy.

Success Stories

Trusted by Startups and Established Companies

Picture of Carlos Bockelmann
Carlos Bockelmann

Head, BI - iFood

“The leadership shows in the results.”

Picture of Natalia Bishop
Natalia Bishop

Founder & CEO - Story

“Their attention to detail, patience for non-technical founders, and ability to be nimble/adapt have been impressive.”

Picture of Erica Sartini
Erica Sartini

DOP - Level Up

“Our team ends up in tears because we’re so excited at what they’ve changed and developed.”

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