Representations of your Ideal Customers, Based on Real Data and Real Insights from Real People

A Well-Defined Buyer Persona allows you to connect better with your customers.

We provide a unique psychological and research approach to gather the most relevant information about your customers, their behaviour, motivations, characteristics and special traits. We only define buyer personas from real data and real insights we get from researching real people, and not from customer databases or generic information.

Our Buyer Persona Creation Process

Our psychological approach takes into account every aspect of the human experience, the behaviors, motivations and unique characteristics to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and build the most accurate buyer persona for your marketing strategies.

Real Customers Research

Real Customers Research

We start by researching your real customers, and gathering relevant information about their behaviors and drivers. We combine quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and techniques.
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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We process and analyze all the information, to gain important insights from your customers. All that data is the main foundation to our buyer personas.
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Segmentation & Micro-Segmentation

Segmentation & Micro-Segmentation

With the insights ready, we proceed to do segmentation and micro-segmentation to create key buyer personas that are relevant to your marketing strategies and target audiences.
Buyer Personas

Benefits of Creating Buyer Personas:

When you define your buyer personas from insights you gather from your real customers, instead of generic data. You can:


Get a deeper understanding of your Customers and their Purchasing Behavior.


Design and implement better and more Successful Marketing Campaigns.


Do Segmentation and Micro-Segmentation among your Customers.


Identify new Psychological and Behavioral Traits on your Audience.


Design better Products and Services.


Improve your Brand Culture and Brand Experience.


Increase Customer Loyalty.


Offer a better Customer Experience and Customer Service.

Success Stories

Trusted by Startups and Established Companies

Picture of Carlos Bockelmann
Carlos Bockelmann

Head, BI - iFood

“The leadership shows in the results.”

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Natalia Bishop

Founder & CEO - Story

“Their attention to detail, patience for non-technical founders, and ability to be nimble/adapt have been impressive.”

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Erica Sartini

DOP - Level Up

“Our team ends up in tears because we’re so excited at what they’ve changed and developed.”

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