Tailored Software Solutions to Help Doctors Take Better Care of Their Patients

Custom Made Healthcare Platforms to help doctors, clinics, hospitals and laboratories to better serve their patients.

Doctors need streamlined and efficient software solutions to make their lives easier, and to help them take better care of their patients. 

Our expertise in the healthcare industry has allowed us to design, develop and implement custom-made web back-office solutions to help the doctors and administrators of laboratories, clinics and medical centers to better serve their patients and clients. Our solutions helped them to reduce attention times, improve their processes, optimize internal procedures, and help them save more lives.

We have also worked with medical clusters made by clinics, hospitals, medical centers and private practices, to design, develop and implement custom online platforms to offer health services to patients all over the world, while offering them a single place to handle communications, payments, clinical records, patient service and billing.

Success Cases

MRP Logo

Meet The Client #1

Branding & Web App Development

MRP is a Pathology Laboratory with more than 15 years of experience, offering world-class tests and procedures to doctors and patients.

Main Achievements:


Complete Rebranding and Website Revamp.


Tailored Cloud Solution since 2014, complying with government’s regulations.


Patient’s Registration Process was optimized and 50% faster than before, with 2 less days of waiting for results.


Recurso 65@72x 8
“We had a big problem with our previous software, and Elecsis was the best solution. Their custom deve- lopment work was tailored exactly to our needs and it really helped us a lot. Our work has become a lot more efficient thanks to their software. They have great people and we couldnʼt love them more!”
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Marco Rosillo
Founder, Main Doctor and CEO
Caribbean Health Group Logo

Meet The Client #2

Branding & Web Platform Development

The Caribbean Health Group is a medical tourism cluster made up of 8 of the most important clinics and medical centers in Barranquilla.

Main Achievements:


Brand Design and Brand Guidelines for the Cluster.


Design and Develop of a Custom Cloud Platform as a single marketplace to target international patients.


Integrated CRM, E-Commerce, Statistics, Reports, Payments and Management Modules.

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