How to Convert Undecided Customers Into Loyal Customers

Companies’ marketing strategies focus on converting undecided customers into potential customers. I’m sure you’ve encountered situations where, try as you might, a customer wouldn’t give you an answer. Chances are the undecided customer knew what you were offering and was interested, but there was something holding them back from buying.

In this article, we will tell you the best tools and tips to deal with those indecisive customers and strengthen relationships.

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What are undecided customers?

We have all gone through a moment when we hesitate about whether or not to buy a product or service. But what is an indecisive customer?

Indecisive customers are those who, despite being interested in a product or service, systematically hesitate and postpone their purchasing decisions indefinitely. It is likely that this insecure customer, in addition to behaving this way in your business, does so systematically in other areas. 

Undecided customers are usually more hesitant in their purchases when they are made in person, so there is more interaction, but this does not mean that they are not found in online sales. Therefore, if you have an ecommerce or sell through marketplaces, it is also interesting that you know the characteristics of indecisive customers.

Most common characteristics of undecided customers

There are different profiles of undecided customers, there are some characteristics that allow us to distinguish them and include them in the same category:

  • Ask specific questions
  • Evaluate but do not express a clear opinion
  • Show a calm attitude
  • They need time until the purchase is made

As we said before, indecisive customers can also be found online. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • High cart abandonment rate.
  • Repeated visits to the same pages.
  • Periodic consultation to the FAQ section.

Since undecided customers do a lot of research before making a purchase, it is necessary for your brand to have as much information as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to reinforce communication channels with users.

Types of undecided customers

As a brand, determining what type of undecided customer you are dealing with will be very useful to know how to deal with them and how to build customer loyalty.

1. Busy

This type of customer excuses themselves by claiming that it’s not the right time to make the purchase or that they don’t have time. Using scarcity and urgency strategies can be very useful to convince them.

2. Skeptical

This type of hesitant customer often communicates with brand staff in a disbelieving manner, doubting the quality or performance of what you are offering.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to offer them a free trial or a money-back guarantee, in short, reassure them that your offer is risk-free.

3. Comparator

This type of indecisive customer is characterized by wanting to make sure before making a purchase that they are getting the best option on the market at the lowest price. They spend a lot of time analyzing your offer and comparing it with the competition.

To get their attention, be clear about what differentiates you from the competition and demonstrate your superiority.

4. Saver

This is a customer who will always be dissatisfied with the price we offer, regardless of whether it is affordable or expensive. Show them the profitability of your offer and make them see it as an investment and not as an expense.

Tips for dealing with indecisive customers

It is important to differentiate between physical sales and sales through ecommerce, since the behaviors are different for the type of purchase method.

Physical sales

The relationship between the customer and the salesperson is very important in sales made in physical establishments.

  • Offer alternatives: The idea is to show them flexible and varied offers that allow them to choose according to their criteria, it will give them much more confidence. One of the best strategies is to present them with three proposals that vary both in value and features.
  • Practice active listening: listening to undecided customers is key to understanding where the key to their indecision lies. Active listening, in which the listener is able to understand the ideas and thoughts of the interlocutor, will also make the customer feel well cared for and will generate much more confidence.
  • Respond with confidence: Undecided customers are undecided. Therefore, as a brand, we must offer a counterbalance, something that will increase their confidence. Respond confidently to all the questions they ask you and be clear in your answers and speeches.
  • Avoid dominant positions: Once you explain the features of the product or service, give them time to make a decision. Never exert too much pressure.

Digital sales

Some of the tips in the previous point can also be applied to your ecommerce.

Here are some specific recommendations to better deal with undecided customers in ecommerce:

  • Offer human advice: Undecided customers may have doubts, especially when buying online. Therefore, it is important that you offer them personalized and humanized assistance. This does not mean that you have to do without chatbots, as they are very useful. But it is important that they are always backed up by a customer service team made up of people.
  • Create a complete website: Incomplete websites are the enemy of undecided customers, as they need clear information to help them make their decision. We recommend you have a well thought-out Q&A page, as well as a clear shipping and return policy.
  • Use techniques to avoid cart abandonment: There are some techniques that can help you prevent indecisive customers from abandoning their shopping cart. Offering free shipping and returns, accepting multiple payment options, simplifying the checkout process, or allowing payment without registration are some ways to prevent cart abandonment rates from increasing for these customers.


Converting undecided customers into loyal customers can be a complex process. However, we believe that with these tools we have given you and perseverance, you will be able to convert those undecided customers into potential customers.

If you still feel you need help, write to us and we will guide you to success in your loyalty strategy. We can help you understand your customers and what makes them behave the way they do, so that they fall in love with you.

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