What is Unittest and what is it for?

This framework is one of the most used in Python to create unit tests or create the so-called “test pipelines”.

Unittest makes your code future proof since you anticipate the cases where your code could potentially fail or produce a bug. Though you cannot predict all of the cases, you still address most of them.

Knowing what Unittest is, will help you if you have lost time writing your code because you had to go back to a previous step and correct the whole program.

In this article you will learn what Unittest is and what it is for, read on.

What is Unittest and what is it for?

Unittest is a standard library of the Python programming language. Thanks to its modules and tools, you can run a test to check the functions of your code, find errors and facilitate program development.

With the Unittest library in Python you will be able to check all the cases every time a test is run and, therefore, the program is less likely to fail due to startup errors or specific cases, if they are tested much later in the programming.

In addition, you will be able to work out bugs as it is being developed instead of starting over.

In other words, it is a way to check that a set of functions or classes work as we expect. Logically, unit tests can never completely guarantee the correct functioning of a piece of code. Nevertheless, they will be able to detect a large number of anomalies and save us debugging time.

When should I use it?

Whenever you consider necessary. When you develop a module or a package that provides an API (set of functions and classes) you will probably want to create a unit test.

If a medium-large project is organized in multiple modules, it is a good practice to create unit tests for each of them.

The best way to write unit tests for your code is to first start with a smaller testable unit that your code may have, then move on to other units and see how that smaller unit interacts with other units, this way you could build a complete unit test for your applications.

Why testing and why is it so important?

Unit testing is the way to make sure that what we want our program to do, it does, and does it well.

Building software, an application or a website involves knowledge, experience, talent, brainpower and a touch of artistry.

Failures and mistakes are inevitable if we try to avoid them with our human capabilities alone.

Testing is therefore essential to ensure that applications meet expected functionalities and quality expectations, not only in terms of code.


Now that you know what Unittest is and what it is for, you can use its modules and classes to test the test cases of all your programs from the beginning, so you can save time and stress in the development of the code.

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