7 Advantages of Developing Your Custom Web Platform

Usually, companies have their own website, but they also use some other off-the-shelf software (or manual) solutions to do their business, track their production, communicate with their clients, and sell.

However, handling and managing that many systems sometimes can get messy and problematic. Information can get lost, there’s no easy way to get valuable insights or data from the company’s processes, and brands can be wasting time and money.

If your company is struggling with this situation and is trying to find a way to optimize and improve the way you work, we have good news: Web platforms are here to save the day!

What is a web platform?

A web platform is a software solution that goes beyond and above what regular websites can do.

With a custom developed web platform, you can have your own software solution designed according to your specific needs, where you can develop your business and attend your customers via on-line services.

A custom web platform provides great benefits to your company, among those we find:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Easily scalable
  • Access from anywhere, any device
  • Control who accesses the platform
  • Proprietary software and know-how
  • Saves money, time and data

Websites Vs. Web Platforms: What’s the difference?

A web platform differentiates from a regular website, because it includes additional elements such as customized forms, shopping carts, apps, converters, approval instances and some other solutions or processes specific to your business, your client’s needs and market.

These elements can be public or private, such as an internal communication system, inventories or a public custom E-Commerce site.

A lot of times, as we stated at the beginning, companies get tangled up using a combination of different existing software tools. They start working with 1 or 2 platforms and keep on adding more and more until they start experiencing the headache and inefficiency of managing them all without a centralized location for all the information.

If your business is currently struggling with several off-the-shelf online or offline solutions and you feel you’ve had enough, having a custom web platform will definitely improve your life. Your processes will be more efficient, your company’s productivity will increase quickly, and you will have all your information and data all in one place.

What types of digital platforms are there?

There are an infinite number of types of web platforms. For each problem you have, you can design a different type of digital platform. We’re sharing 4 of the most popular ones:

  1. Social platforms: Social platforms, also known as social networks, are widely used nowadays. They are those digital platforms that store various information related to social interactions.
  2. Educational platforms: These platforms are focused on distance education and try to simulate the same learning experiences that we find in a classroom. They serve to complement or substitute the traditional educational process.
  3. E-commerce platforms: E-commerce platforms are all over the Internet today. Thanks to them it’s possible to buy all kinds of products and services without leaving home.
  4. Specialized platforms: Specialized digital platforms are created to satisfy the needs of a group of users. There are several virtual platforms for all segments. Wherever there is a need, a platform can be created to satisfy it, regardless of the sector.

Advantages of developing your custom web platform

We’ll share with you some of the advantages of developing a custom web platform, so that you know the benefits that your company could perceive, and analyze if it’s time to migrate some of your processes.

  1. Speed: Custom web platforms are much faster than open-source or off-the-shelf platforms, as they only need to execute the code needed by the client.  Also, they surely run faster than a Frankenstein mix of off-the-shelf solutions.
  2. Security: By not being an open-source development, it’s much more difficult and less attractive for hackers to detect vulnerabilities and exploit them to gain access to the system. This way, both you, your clients and your information are more secure.
  3. Functionality: A customized web platform allows you to evolve according to the real needs of your customers or business. If you need a new feature, you can just ask your developers to add it on.
  4. Web design: With a custom-made web platform, the design is made from scratch, keeping in mind the best UX practices, and 100% customized to your brand’s colors, personality and image. No more pre-made themes or templates.
  5. Module integration: A web platform can integrate modules that are relevant for your clients, such as CRM, newsletters, invoicing, administrative management, content updating, e-commerce, languages, etc. The sky is the limit.
  6. Easy scalability: A web platform can be developed by modules or phases as you require. On the long term, you can always request new features that make your system more and more complete.
  7. It minds your processes: A tailor-made web platform takes into account 100% of your specific business processes, your brand image, your specific pains, the specific needs of your customers and other particular elements to your company, which are not included in the pre-designed solutions.


A custom developed web platform can help you improve your sales, increase your ROI, lower your risks and make everything easier for your company.

It’s definitely the best possible solution for when you’ve been struggling with different online or offline systems to handle information, view or export data, process payments, and run your business processes.

However, developing a web platform is a complex project that must be executed by experienced professionals using the right tools.  This way, you and your company can be sure to be receiving a guaranteed product, without security risks or possible failures.  

We at Elecsis have extensive experience working for clients in different industries and sizes, so we can deeply understand your business and design the best solution for your needs. Our team consists of engineers, developers, designers, marketing experts and professionals who are able to see the problems from different perspectives.

If you’re ready to evolve into a custom developed web platform, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be ready and happy to help.

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