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If we take a look at websites designed a few years ago, it’s normal that when we visit them using our smartphones or tablets, they don’t look good at all.  Their fonts are enormous, the images are not in the right place, you can’t click on buttons, and so on.  Everything seems to be out of place.

Today, most people that surf the internet, use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.  This is part of our daily lives, so having a website with responsive design is a must.

In this article we’ll show you why it’s important to have a responsive web design for your website, keeping in mind that there are so many different screen sizes: for smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, desktops, tablets….

What is responsive web design?

We call responsive web design to the user interface able to adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

In other words, it consists of placing the website elements in different sizes and places, so they can automatically adapt to every device and screen, both vertically and horizontally, to offer a great user experience and good look and feel, without having to reload the website.

Why does your website must be responsive?

If your web design is not responsive, and your website doesn’t adapt to mobile devices or different screen sizes, it means you’re losing visitors and sales.   

We share with you some reasons why you should have a responsive web design:

1. User Experience

User experience is everything for your brand’s digital assets, like your website. Today’s customers prefer to visit other websites than staying in a poorly designed one.

So, if your website is not responsive and doesn’t offer a good user experience, it won’t be hard for your visitors to leave your site and go over to your competitors’.

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Google uses several criteria to rank websites. One of these criteria is responsive or mobile-friendly design.

If Google detects your site is not responsive, or is not optimized for mobile screens, it will penalize it and won’t show it on the first results pages.

So, you might have the most amazing and relevant content, but if your site is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you won’t be showing up in the firsts results.

3. Brand Image

There’s nothing worst for a brand than having a bad image and being rejected by customers.

People today want to surf freely, smoothly and quickly through websites, and if your website is complicated, doesn’t adapt, or is too slow, it’s more likely for them to leave and never come back.

On the contrary, if your website adapts to all devices and screen sizes, offers a great navigation experience, loads fasts and it’s organized, your brand will build trust and you will increase your traffic and sales.

 4. Access to a greater number of users

Nowadays most people only use their smartphones for a large part of their time. Therefore, by creating a responsive web page a greater number of users who only use their mobile as a means of accessing the internet will be reached.

5. Reduce costs and development times

With responsive design, you only have to make a design for the web and it will automatically adapt to the user’s device, which reduces the time, effort and money needed.

How do I create a responsive design for WordPress?

There are many available tools to design a responsive website for WordPress, and we’ll show you the most popular ones.

1. WordPress Themes

If you’re building your website by yourself, you can choose and buy a WordPress theme that already supports responsive design.  This way, you only have to adjust certain website elements to look and perform well on mobile devices.

2. Website Builders

If you know a little bit more about design and want to do something beyond what a WordPress theme offers, you can always use a website builder like Elementor to create your website from scratch.  Those builders help you design your website with a drag-and-drop system, and it easily adjusts them to mobile screens.

3. Hire some experts

If you want something exclusive for your brand, according to your image and your customer’s needs, a way to create something awesome and unique is to hire a design team, or an agency like us, to help you with your design.  A professional design team will create a mobile-first website, totally adjusted to your brand image, and with unique visuals to highlight your company from your competitors.


If your website is not fully responsive or mobile-friendly, you surely are losing sales.  In today’s world, you must have a website fully adaptable to different screens and devices.

So, don’t wait too long to design your responsive website. And, if you’re planning to design a new corporate website, remember to make it responsive and mobile-first. This way you can improve your SEO results, increase traffic and sell even more!

If you don’t want to do it all by yourself, and you want something unique for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us! Your digital presence should be attractive and awesome, and we’re ready to help you with it.

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