Best Tools to Create Your Own Chatbot

Before we start, do you know what a chatbot is? If you don’t already know, a chatbot is a software that simulates a real conversation with a person, thanks to an interface that is built with keywords and is based on the interactions that are repeated between users and brands on websites, messengers such as WhatsApp or Telegram and apps.

In addition, it allows users to get answers quickly and immediately and resolve doubts through an apparently human conversation simulated and processed by software equipped with artificial intelligence.

With this in mind, let’s get started!

In this article we will show you the best tools you can use to create your own chatbot.

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WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp allows you to create chatbots, which has marked a before and after in conversational marketing, since most users use this messaging app in their day to day, so it is a way to make it much easier and to convey closeness.

One of the main advantages of the WhatsApp chatbot is that it can also be used to offer customers information about new products or services, attract customers through the automatic sending of messages, among other things.


Telegram is a very popular messaging application that also allows you to create chatbots. The Telegram bot can be put to various uses, ranging from resolving queries to sending informative messages through groups or channels. In addition, it can be created quickly and easily, in just a few clicks, which is quite convenient.


HubSpot is a very intuitive tool that allows you to create a chatbot very easily. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to create one, as it offers customizable templates, which means you can adapt them to your brand’s tone and voice. But it can also be created from scratch.

One of the main advantages of HubSpot is that it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot CRM, so you can make a conversation with the user much closer and less robotic.


In this case, it is integrated within Messenger and allows programming different types of functionalities to adjust as much as possible to the company’s needs, such as requesting or reserving a product or service, providing recommendations or answers to a series of questions, or offering news filtered according to the user’s interests, among other things.

The chatbot is also capable of detecting when human intervention is necessary and alerting a customer service agent to provide better service.

Mobile Monkey

It is a tool that allows you to create chatbots in Facebook Messenger, web chat or SMS text messages.

It is a very good tool, especially for offering the user the ability to schedule an appointment, get answers to frequently asked questions or track their order. In addition, it offers a free plan with the most basic functionalities and other paid plans that include some more advanced features.


Tidio is also a very good tool for creating chatbots. One of its main advantages is that it is compatible with virtually any website and Facebook Messenger.

It has several templates, but it also allows you to create a chat from scratch. It is very useful for automating answers to frequently asked questions without too many complications. It is paid, since with its free plan you cannot create chatbots.


Freshchat is another very good option, as it allows you to create chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, websites and others.

This tool has a machine learning technology, which allows you to interact with the customer and generate a list of questions that need better answers. Because of these features, Freshcat is one of the best tools to create your own chatbot, but, like others, it is paid.


It is one of the most expensive options, since it is designed for large companies.

Among its main advantages are that it allows you to create conversations that lead to a conversion and allows you to create optimal scenarios to increase sales, it also integrates with CRM, email marketing services and other tools.

Zendesk Chat

This is another of the best customer service tools for businesses that allows you to create chatbots. It allows you to create and optimize automated messages, as well as manage support tickets and have live conversations with customers, among other functionalities. In addition, it can be integrated with other chatbot tools to achieve much more advanced functionalities and provide better customer service.

This tool is also paid, but offers a 14-day free trial.


Now that you know the best tools to create a chatbot, you have no excuse not to have one. Create one quickly and easily, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

If you’d like some help to design and implement a solid marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to help!

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