How to program Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a reality that today is more than present in our daily lives, it has impacted in all areas changing the way we live and work. However, do you know which programming language is used for artificial intelligence?

AI is born through programming languages whose characteristics are specially designed to be able to develop this type of intelligence. In this article we tell you some of the necessary knowledge to know how to program Artificial Intelligence.

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What is the relationship between intelligence and programming?

Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than a software or programming model that analyses patterns of behaviour through interaction with the user, determining conclusions that provide useful information about the user’s interest.

In other words, AI is born out of programming, as it establishes data storage and analysis. Once the data is analysed, patterns are specified and a conclusion is drawn from them.


Algorithms are what give autonomy to Artificial Intelligence. These are understood as a set of computer instructions that a machine receives to perform an action or solve a problem. In this way, an algorithm has an input (input) or an output (output).

Thus, an algorithm has either an input or an output. Algorithms are capable of solving different complex situations such as deduction, search, sorting and communication.

Reasoning and deduction algorithms

Reasoning or deduction is based on a key principle that encompasses them, logic. In Artificial Intelligence programming languages, the programmer only has to write certain logical rules so that the algorithm is capable of reasoning and deducing the solution.

Search algorithms

A search algorithm is a set of instructions that are designed to locate an element with certain properties within a data structure.

Classification algorithms

This type of algorithm was already present in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo and classifies emails according to whether they are spam or not, and whether they should go to one folder or another.

They also learn and become more accurate as the user performs specific actions.

Communication algorithms

Communication algorithms seek to be able to maintain natural communication with the user and provide solutions to their problems. In this type of technology, the best known are chatbots.

How to program Artificial Intelligence?

AI programming requires an understanding of the AI tools, applications and technology that are present in fields such as medical sciences, robotics, process automation and academic research.

Below we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to create artificial intelligence systems, starting with the 5 most commonly used programming languages in this field.


If you have been wondering how to program Artificial Intelligence with Python, you should know that it is the most popular and effective way to develop AI, Machine Learning, NLP development. Python is ideal for platform-independent programming as well as deep learning.

One of the advantages of Python for AI programming is that it is a dynamic language and is more flexible and easier to learn than others like Java.


The fastest programming language, it is ideal for being productive while developing stellar AI code for time-limited projects. Its extensive libraries are ideal for complex AI code, SEO optimisation, ranking, faster mathematical calculations and high-performance applications.

It has generic, structured and object-oriented programming capabilities, so it is considered a multi-paradigm language. It allows user-created code to be transformed into machine-understandable data.


In addition to being a general-purpose language, R is a statistics-oriented language. It has many possibilities, among which are its great capacity for analysis and graphing. It is also widely used for data mining and numerical computation.

Although similar to Python, there are some differences between the two. Python is easier to use and more flexible, while R is more visual, which is why it is increasingly used in the business world.


This programming language is the easiest to use for object-oriented programming and scalability in AI projects.

It is easy to maintain and transparent thanks to its virtual machine technology. Its cross-platform capability makes many programmers opt for this language, as they can program for various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.


Prolog comes from the term Logic programming. It is one of the most widely used programming languages in artificial intelligence because of its ability to create expert or knowledge-based systems.

It is used for answer set programming or NLP, for simple and complex queries.


Artificial Intelligence is the present, there are multiple ways to develop artificial intelligence, and this technology can be applied to numerous fields of technology.

The programming languages used in AI are among the most widely used and well known, so you will have no problems in this regard. In addition, over time, it is very likely that other tools will appear that allow you to create Artificial Intelligence in a quasi-automated way.

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