Brand Redesign: What Is It and How Do You Plan a Successful Redesign?

Planning a brand redesign is a difficult decision to make, both for the designers responsible for the process, and the company itself. It involves a very complex process, taking risks and maybe even losing some customers, which many organizations are afraid of.

In the course of a company’s journey, its visual identity or other elements may need to be transformed or updated.

But, when do you need a redesign? Do we change the brand a bit, or do we redesign the entire brand from scratch? Will my clients notice? Will it affect us negatively?

These are just some of the questions that companies ask themselves when they are going through this process.

In this post we will give you some important tips when planning the redesign of your brand. Take some notes!

First of all, what does this process consist of?

If you have no idea, the best thing to do is to look for a very good design agency, which will have professionals who will guide you through the different steps of the process.

However, you need to be actively involved and don’t leave everything to the design agency.  Remember, you know the company better than anyone else, and you should be working with them as a team.

First, they should deeply understand your brand, your company’s values and personality, as well as your vision and where you want to be in the future. Once that’s clear, they begin working on some design proposals or improvements, keeping in mind design trends, colors and the values and feelings you want your audience to see. The final decision should be always in your hands.

The overall process should look like this:

1. Be clear about the reasons for brand redesign

It’s important to carefully evaluate if you really need the redesign, and set a list of the reasons why you’re making this decision.

There are many reasons why companies consider redesigning a brand. Whether they are looking to capture the attention of another target audience or maybe the brand design is perceived as outdated, etc. You should always have a clear reason of why you’re doing it.

2. Determine the elements to be modified

The second step is to create a list of all the changes you’re going to make to your brand.

Is it a small tweak or more of a sweeping re-invention, or somewhere in-between?

There are only a few cases where you change absolutely everything of the brand. Most of the times, you keep either the typography, the colors or other important elements.

In other words, even if you decide to make a brand redesign, you can keep some things that characterize it, achieving a redesign, but with very subtle changes.  This is called uplifting.

Once the agency and you have worked until your brand looks great, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

3. Tell the Brand Story

People like engaging stories, and the brand’s own story can be a very useful way to help customers and employees understand what is happening, and why, during a period of change.

Many brands have incredible, if not quite so outlandish, stories. Find out the history of your brand’s beginnings, there may be something powerful hidden in there.

4. Inform and promote your new Brand

This step is important. You need to inform your clients your brand is going to have a redesign, but you don’t necessarily have to explain the reasons why you did it. However, it’s important to advertise your new brand on your website, social networks, directly to your clients, etc.

You should also develop some kind of marketing strategy to inform and promote the redesign, which will generate intrigue or excitement on your audience. So, when the new brand image is launched, not only it won’t take them by surprise, but they’ll be waiting for it with many expectations and excitement.


Sometimes, redesign your brand becomes essential, especially over the years.  If you follow the process and the steps we shared, you won’t have any problems and your clients will love your new design.

We hope these tips helped, and we also hope you take them into account when making a brand redesign process.

If you’re planning a brand redesign for your company and you don’t know how you should do it, contact us. We will be happy to help.

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