Indirect Marketing: What Is It and What Are Its Advantages?

Marketing strategies are essential to achieve the commercial objectives of our company. Among the different types of strategies, we find indirect marketing, which focuses on offering quality content and helps you to present your brand in a very subtle and organic way. It is very common to see it in movies, videos and series.

If you are thinking of implementing an indirect marketing strategy for your business, let us share with you the great benefits and advantages it will bring to your company. Take Note!

What is indirect marketing?

Indirect marketing consists of a set of techniques to attract customers in a very subtle way and through the transmission of valuable content. The indirect marketing process revolves around the idea of creating loyal audiences and customers who will buy from you over time.

Indirect marketing focuses on first gaining the trust of your potential customers. They try to promote products and services without appearing to be promoting them.

When companies resort to indirect marketing, they use media technology. That is, the media help them develop the relationship between the company and the target audience. Some examples of indirect marketing are television commercials, digital marketing or viral marketing.

The tactics they use are viable methods, but they are not as intrusive as other marketing methods.

Advantages of indirect marketing

Indirect marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to build relationships with your customer base and compels them to stick with your brand over another.

Some of the advantages of implementing indirect marketing strategies are:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase brand reputation.
  • Strengthen your relationship with existing customers.
  • Stand out from your competitors.
  • Pay more attention to your users’ needs.
  • Increase your audience’s trust.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with your customers.

To start carrying out a successful indirect marketing strategy, your company must be present in the digital environment. This is because most of the techniques are carried out in the virtual world.

Therefore, if your company does not have social networks or its own website, you will have no way to measure the behavior of your customers in the online world, therefore, you will not be able to develop indirect marketing techniques. Since, the control of public comments in the networks is vital for this type of strategies.

Ways to implement indirect marketing

Below, we have selected a few ways you can implement indirect marketing in your business.

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most used strategies when it comes to boosting indirect marketing. It consists of creating relevant content for your audience that is informative and entertaining.

The most commonly used platforms for content marketing are social media, corporate blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and ebooks.

On the other hand, content marketing can be a great option to save marketing costs, as it is much lower than traditional marketing and can generate up to three times more sales opportunities (leads).

2. Influencer marketing

This strategy consists of contacting social media influencers in most cases or blogs to collaborate with your brand by testing your products or services and speaking well of them to their followers.

This will help your brand to increase the level of trust it has with the public and increase its reach.

3. Public relations

This is a very common practice and consists of contacting a media outlet, usually through a press release so that they dedicate part of their content to speak well of your products or services.

4. Conferences and events

If you are interested in indirect face-to-face marketing, this is one of them. Organizing events in which you share useful information for your audience and transmit valuable content will help you position yourself as one of the leaders in your sector.

However, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, online conferences and events have been promoted as an alternative way of meeting people. If your brand is just starting out and you do not have the resources to carry out this type of activity, it may be interesting to organize an online event.


Now that you know the steps to follow to carry out an indirect marketing campaign, it is time to put it into practice and reach your objectives in a discreet but effective way.

If you need help creating a marketing strategy for your business. Please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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