What is UX / UI Design?

You may have heard the terms UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), and although they have very similar names, they are completely different. But do you really know what they mean and why they are so fashionable in recent years?

While one refers to the user’s experience and feeling, the other is directed towards a more rational side of navigation.

The purpose of this post is for you to finally know what each one means and why they go hand in hand.

What is UX?

The term UX stands for User Experience. Basically, it is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service.

UX also has to do with the feeling of your clients after using your product. That refers to their experience with your website, blog, application or product, and even if your business is not totally digital it also applies.

1. How is this experience achieved?

An excellent User Experience (UX) is achieved through Human-Centered Design.  Human-Centered Design focuses on knowing the users’ needs and aligning them with the business objectives.

The person who design the user experience is known as an UX Designer and has the responsibility of investigating what people need to meet their objectives and solve their pain.

2. What role does UX design play in Digital Marketing?

User Experience (UX) in digital marketing is associated with optimizing the customer experience to support the marketing strategy. Therefore, you increase the chances of conversions to leads and sales.

In other words, a good user experience can help generate more leads and close more deals. On the other hand, a bad experience implies the opposite and may harm your brand, your reputation and your sales.

What is UI?

UI stands for User Interface, and helps to guide your users through your application, website or platform during the time they use it. It is the sum of an information architecture + visual elements + interaction patterns.

A good User Interface design will allow you to guide your users through navigation and lead them to interact with your digital platform easier and naturally.

1. How is this experience achieved?

An User Interface (UI) Designer is in charge of visually creating the product interface to match the user experience. Likewise, it creates interactive elements and makes sure they look good on all platforms (mobile, web, desktop, etc.). An UI Designer works closely with the product development or design teams by providing style guides and usage patterns.

2. What role does UI Design play in Digital Marketing?

If your website doesn’t direct users in the right way through the interface, they will hardly take the right actions and most surely will leave your site in a matter of seconds.

A poorly done User Interface design will trigger on your visitors an almost immediate reaction to return to the search engine and switch to another website that offers a better experience.

This leads us to notice that the User Interface directly affects the User Experience, but why? Because if the navigation of your site is not good, it won’t be possible to have a pleasant user experience.

What’s the difference between UX and UI Design?

  • UX design is about identifying and solving user problems, while UI design is about creating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and interactive interfaces.
  • UX design usually comes first in the product development process, followed by UI.
  • The UX designer maps out the basic skeletons of the user journey; the UI designer then completes it with visual and interactive elements.
  • UX can be applied to any type of product, service or experience while UI is specific to digital products and experiences.


User Experience (UX) is what a brand or product makes you feel when interacting with it, while User Interface (UI) is the visual layer of colors, textures, shapes, and elements.

Therefore, User Experience (UX) is a direct complement for User Interface (UI). The User Interface (UI) will never be a solution by itself, but you have to mind and design a great User Experience to make the most out of your digital products.

Did you like to learn about UI/UX design?

If you need help to design amazing User Interfaces or User Experience, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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