Why Are Shapes Important for Logos?

Just as there is the psychology of color, there is also the psychology of shapes which exerts a certain influence on human beings.

Creating a logo may often seem simple, but there are several key factors that accompany the design of a successful logo. Many times, we focus on some components, such as fonts and colors, and we make the big mistake of ignoring key aspects such as the shapes that make up a logo.

That is why, when creating a logo, shapes are important, since human beings distinguish them for different reasons. The specific shapes you use, their color and how they work with typography will not only shape your design but will also represent everything related to your brand.

Well, we’ve got you! We share with you the shapes of logos and how they should be used, so that your logo always looks amazing!

Why are shapes important for logos?

The shape of a logo can help forge a stronger emotional and psychological connection between your brand and consumers. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand what each shape says about your brand and how you can successfully incorporate it into your design.

Logo shapes are the root of any design and form the basis of icons. Human brains are programmed to pick out shapes and memorize them easily as a way to learn new things. Therefore, memorable shapes are easier to remember and have a lasting impact on people’s minds.

Therefore, choosing the right logo figure can bring great benefits, such as:

  • To help in the perception of the client.
  • Help convey specific emotions or feelings.
  • Generate confidence in the brand
  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Reinforce your brand identity.
  • Convey your brand message.
  • Foster meaningful connections with your target audience.

Now that you know the importance of shapes when designing a logo, let’s go deeper into each one of them.

Abstract Shapes

An abstract logo is basically a thought-provoking conceptual image that manages to tell a story or evoke a feeling in the minds of its consumers. Likewise, they may seem complex or unclear, but they are actually some of the most thoughtful and purposefully designed shapes.

In addition, abstract logos arouse curiosity and capture the attention of potential customers who want to know much more.

An abstract logo can be perfect for creative brands or companies that prefer not to use very literal shapes or images in their designs. Abstract shapes are amazing for both minimalist and modern logos, as they offer unlimited creativity and flexibility.

image 2

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes influence the logo of any brand, since their main purpose is to communicate a message. They are usually symmetrical and have a very defined structure.

1. Triangles

Triangles are very safe and convey reliability and strength. When designing a logo for your brand, they are a wonderful choice because they are very flexible and adaptable. They have defined corners and edges and represent different ideas according to their orientation.

Also, depending on where the point is placed, triangles can represent masculinity or femininity. From a spiritual point of view, these three-sided shapes symbolize energy, enlightenment, and growth.

image 1

2. Circles

Circles are non-linear and do not have edges, corners or a definite beginning and end. Therefore, they are clean, recognizable, versatile, and visually pleasing, which makes them a great choice for any industry as they have a great influence on logo design.

In addition, they are a universal symbol of wholeness, perfection, and completeness. They also represent community, friendship, inclusiveness, and strength. Which makes it one of the most popular logo shapes today.

LogoNasaSpotB 1200x675 1

3. Squares and Rectangles

If you are looking for a shape for your logo that looks professional and strong, a square or rectangle may be the best choice for you.

Squares and rectangles offer a combination of boldness and balance. Rectangles are often seen as a sign of security and trust, as they are associated with objects such as safes.

Companies like Microsoft, for example, use squares in their logo design to impart a sense of order and confidence in their brand.

Fuel Cells Works, Why Are Shapes Important for Logos?

4. Lines

Both vertical and horizontal lines are perfect for creating technological and minimalist logos. Vertical lines can be used to convey stability, progress, strength and growth, while horizontal lines communicate fluidity and a sense of calm.

SoundCloud Logo 1

Organic Shapes

Also known as free forms, they are very natural shapes such as flowers, leaves and mountains.

They differ from the rigid structure of geometric shapes because they do not follow any rules.

1. Natural Shapes

These irregular shapes are moldable and adaptable, which makes them a good creative choice for logo design.

Natural shapes are deeply embedded in our collective consciousness, which makes their symbolic meaning very effective in evoking emotions and communicating clear messages.

Patagonia Logo 1

2. Curved and Spiral Shapes

Curved shapes are dynamic and fluid and convey agility and sparkle. As these shapes are less conventional, they allow more freedom and creativity in logo design and in the message your brand wants to convey.

Curves tend to be seen as feminine. Companies with a brand that reflects feelings of happiness and joy would be well suited for curved logos.

Spiral shapes are an excellent strategy to show your brand’s creativity and its tendency to be different and have an innovative vision.

image 1 1


Choosing the right shapes to create your logo design is a key step to evoke emotions and to convey a clear message about your brand.

If you want help in choosing the shape of your logo and creating it, don’t hesitate to contact us! we will be happy to help you design a truly amazing logo.

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