Does Your Business Really Need a Mobile App?

Mobile devices are almost half the devices people use to connect to internet. This may lead to brands and companies to think about developing their own mobile app to connect with their customers and clients and be available for them at all times.

A mobile app usually allows companies to have a bigger exposure to current and future customers, and sometimes even to improve conversion rates. However, there are some cases where companies don’t really need a mobile app.

Today, we share with you some advantages of having your own mobile app, and the questions you should ask yourself before its development.

3 basic questions you need to ask yourself before developing a Mobile App

1. Would it be different from an Optimized Website?

In some cases, a fully responsive and mobile-optimized website is just as good as a mobile app, if the customer experience will be the same for your client.

It’s not worth it to develop a mobile app if the customer will receive the same service, product or information on both channels.

2. Can you solve your problem without a Mobile App?

You don’t have to develop a mobile app just for the sake of having it, because you can end up with a mobile app you don’t really need.

It’s key for you to have a clear purpose before you start its development, and knowing how it’s going to better serve your clients or your company’s goals.

If you don’t know how a mobile app will make everything simpler and better, then is better not to develop it.

3. Do you have a strong budget for your Mobile App?

Creating and developing a mobile app takes a lot of resources, both in time and money.  You’ll need to have enough time to think everything carefully before you even start to write the first line of code. You’ll also need to have the user experience and user interface designs, as well as the mobile architecture made first.

Only when you have that crystal clear, you can go and hire the developers, who will code your mobile app. Then, you have to think about the money you’ll need for deployment in Google Play or in the App Store, the resources for marketing and advertising, and of course, for maintenance and updates.

We strongly recommend having a clear budget and timeline before you start developing.

If after answering these questions you realize you do need a mobile app, then keep on reading!

How a Mobile App can make everything simpler and better?

Nowadays, having a mobile app when needed is a plus for most companies. This is thanks to the multiple growth opportunities it represents both for companies and clients. It’s also a great way to improve your digital traffic, and depending on your mobile app design, even increase sales.

However, as a website also needs more than a beautiful design to be successful, mobile apps also need to implement positioning and marketing techniques to be always on the first places.  Just as a website needs SEO efforts and strategies to be positioned in the first result pages, mobiles apps have their own algorithm and ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies.

So, to make a mobile app successful, everything must be done right. So, although you can theoretically create your mobile app by yourself through some software or services, we strongly recommend to work with professionals and experts to help you design and develop a bold, high-end app, and take your project to the next level to make you grow.

If you have an old or outdated mobile app, you might be falling behind. Remember to keep it updated, with the latest security and software versions, and with useful and trending features.

What are the advantages of having a Mobile App?

If you already know you definitely need a mobile app, or if you still have some doubts, we share with you some advantages of having your own mobile app.

  • Better connection with your customers

If your mobile app offers a new channel for your customer service, or your clients can buy or use your products or services using your app, you can design and offer a great user experience with your brand through your mobile app.

Some companies really benefit from having a mobile app to better connect with their customers, to gather information, or to implement marketing and loyalty strategies. With bold user interfaces and the best possible customer experience, your mobile app can make your customer fall in love with your brand.

  • Brand positioning and reinforcement

Mobile apps, when well-designed and with clear goals in mind, makes easier for your client to interact with your brand. If your mobile app is built carefully, and your customer experience is seamless, your users and clients can interact in an easier and more practical way with your company.

If your service or product is used frequently enough for your customers to download and keep your mobile app, and you also offer them a great experience, then your brand will always be first in their minds.

After reading this article, we hope you have a clear answer whether your business really needs a mobile app, or if you can improve your website or other digital channels.


For some companies, developing a mobile app creates huge benefits. However, this might not be the case for every business, because when a mobile app is unnecessary, the market and customers can be unforgiving.

Mobile apps, when done right, allows your business to grow bigger and faster, reach new customers, increase your market share and improve your customer service. So, if your business needs a mobile app, investing in one is the best way to go.

If you need help to create a bold and beautiful mobile app, don’t hesitate to contact us! We develop amazing mobile apps with great user experience.  We’re ready to take your business to the next level!

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